Bire Kimisopa

Kimisopa appears before committal court

Kimisopa is on a K1,500 bail and appears for three charges of official corruption.

He stood before Magistrate Tracey Ganaii as his charges were read; one count each of official corruption, conspiracy and misappropriation. 

He had allegedly committed these crimes in his capacity as the member for Goroka and chairman of the Goroka Development District Authority in 2017.

Goroka, Abau petitions set for trial

The petition which alleges grounds of errors, omission and irregularities against the Electoral Commission will go for trial at the Goroka National Court.

Kimisopa will be bringing nine witnesses for the trial.

Trial will be held from December 18-22 before the next available judge, the court ordered today.

Two applications filed by Ame as well as the Electoral Commission challenging the competency of the petition will be heard before the trial proceeds.

Trial dates for the Abau Open seat have also been set for December.

Opposition numbers increase as PPP and NG parties move

Parliament special sitting this afternoon was adjourned for seven days after the Speaker advised the House on the VONC motion filed by Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil.   

The special parliament sitting was directed by the Supreme Court on Tuesday after the Government on June 8, adjourned Parliament to August, however, the next day; the Opposition filed the motion on the VONC.

Poyle is the alternative prime minister in the motion.