Opposition numbers increase as PPP and NG parties move

Opposition Leader Don Poyle is confident in forming a new government when the vote of no-confidence is voted on next Friday on the floor of Parliament as Opposition numbers swell.

Parliament special sitting this afternoon was adjourned for seven days after the Speaker advised the House on the VONC motion filed by Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil.   

The special parliament sitting was directed by the Supreme Court on Tuesday after the Government on June 8, adjourned Parliament to August, however, the next day; the Opposition filed the motion on the VONC.

Poyle is the alternative prime minister in the motion.

The party leaders of Peoples Progress Party Ben Micah and New Generation Party Bire Kimisopa also announced their defection to the Opposition today.

The defection increases the alternative government numbers to 24 MPs, with seven from PPP and three from NGP.

The other 14 MPs are signatories to the VONC.

 “We are growing with numbers (with the) inclusion of numbers from PPP and New Generation parties today, tonight and in the next hours the numbers will swell,” a confident Poyle said.

He invited MPs in Government to join the Opposition to change the prime minister because he is not a team player.


Charles Yapumi