Ben Turi

Turi warns residents not to support activists

Turi says that his personnel will be out in full force to ensure activists do not go against the decision to disallow the meet.

He says the normal seven day clearance was never given to his command or that of his supervisor NCD Central Commander Sylvester Kalaut.

The safety of business houses as well as the public cannot be guaranteed by the organising groups.

Today the capital city was quiet with no major incidence, the only public gathering was the on-going coalition of union’s forum at the Jack Pidik Park.

Anjo seeks legal action over interference over protest

Anjo tells PNG Loop that he filed the notice of motion papers yesterday (March 21) with a court date set for April  29.

A statement of charge directed at NCD Metropolitan Police Commander Ben Turi has also been given to him.

The statement of charge read that Turi would be charged with contempt of court charges in line with the October 1, 2014 court order stopping police from interfering with protests carried out by Anjo.

Anjo further alleges that the peaceful gathering turned  confrontational with police was in line with the October court order.

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350 made redundant by Telikom PNG

Telikom PNG workers numbers have been cut by half under the company’s new human resource policy.


Officers in condom case return to court

Nil arrests is disappointing – Lohia on Hanuabada killings

Hanuabada is a stone’s throw away from the PNG police headquarters at Konedobu. The headquarters sits on traditional land ironically owned by Hanuabada.

12 months, the widow of one of the deceased and the parents of the other – have no closure.

No one has been arrested in relation to the deaths of Nicholas Rarua and Toka Gaudi.

“It is rather sad and disappointing that after so many commitments and promises of imminent arrest, we find ourselves with no arrest.”

That’s from Lohia Boe Samuel, who heads the group Motu Koitabu the Way Forward (MKTWF).

NCD Enforcement unit cleared

NCD Metropolitan Police Commander Ben Turi says that the unit did nothing wrong, saying they were not armed.

Turi says that the officers in the reserve unit  did not carry firearms and were wrongly blamed previously.

He set the record straight adding that the reservists are vital to help them  with manpower to keep law and order in the city.

Turi says that if they had any arms then it would be the pump action shotguns that would result in pellets being fired.

Turi facing challenge of police ill-discipline

This negligence of discipline has occurred from a lack of command and control over time.

NCD Metropolitan Police Commander Ben Turi says that the serious gap in discipline and command over the past 8 to 10 years in the Port Moresby has seen  no commander carrying out disciplinary actions on police officers of questionable conduct.

Turi says this has seen over time  developed an environment of negligence which is a major challenge for his command.

Police commander phone numbers made public for complaints

Turi tells PNG Loop that he had had a meeting with all his police station commanders who have been advised that their numbers will now be made public so that the public in their areas of operation can start calling in with police issues.

Even with matters to do with police discipline, Turi says that the public must ring the station commanders or the Moresby Superintendent of Operations Philip Kulaum or himself.

Activists compile complaints against police

Anjo tells PNG Loop that he has met with all the other NGO partners to go over statements they have obtained so far.

He says that they also have photographic and video evidence of some of the main assaults. Anjo is calling on other supporters to come forward with their complaints.

He is adamant they will still pursue legal action against police for their interference on Monday.

Anjo says that their legal team has been in talks with them as well to seek action against the Police Commissioner Gari Baki and the NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi. 

Police: We should be respected too

Turi says that the fight began when a young boy called one of the police who was trying to remove the banners on the main stage truck “Five kina police”.

He says that this is an insult and goes to show an apparent lack of command and control from the protestors to at least respect police who up until then allowed them to gather peacefully.

This incident, Turi says, incited the fights to start and is a clear indication ofa  lack of crowd control and command by the NGO groups.