Ben Turi

Turi challenges station commanders to step up on duties

Turi says 2017 will be the year police will come down hard on reducing the crime rate  and cutting down on disciplinary issues in the force.

He says instructions will be conveyed to all officers at a later date for candidates who will be campaigning for elections and what duties will be carried out during that time.

He challenged his men to work collectively so during the campaign period, control and peace is maintained throughout the city.

NCD police yet to identify soldiers involved in rampage

NCD Police Boss, Ben Turi says so far, five soldiers have been identified.

However, he says more than five were seen to be on the two vehicles and should also be identified as well.

He says the two officers who instigated the incident have already been questioned and the matter is now before the courts.

Statements from media sources who were on location during the rampage to capture the happenings will also be collected to help out in the investigation process.

Suspects in custody over K1.2 million airport robbery

According to NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi, five suspects have been apprehended; two are dead while three are still at large.

The second suspect was found dead along the Laloki River on New Years’ day.

It is alleged he had gone missing on the Wednesday (The week leading up to New Year) and found days later in the river by a local reservist.

Turi says an officer has also been arrested and the matter is already in court for hearing.

He adds that investigations will continue and police are on the lookout to apprehend all the suspects.

Tasion Police Barracks residents facing health risk: Turi

Residents of Tasion Police Barracks this morning blocked off the new four-lane road that runs beside their houses. They want the National Capital District Commission to build their new houses and relocate them in line with an agreement reached in 2014. They will allow work to continue at their area after that.

The new four-lane road links Gerehu to Nine-Mile.  

“The construction that took place in the barracks (but the contractor) did not consider this sewage problem,” NCD metropolitan superintendent Turi said.  

Police will be on campus ‘for as long as it takes’

NCD metropolitan superintendent Ben Turi told Loop PNG: “We will stay until we get our orders to go out. “We will be here until everything is calm. If they’re doing mass withdrawal, we will stay until everybody is out.”

PNGTA president held for sexual assault

NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi told Loop PNG that Mowana, who was picked up at his Gerehu residence this morning, was brought into the Gerehu station and questioned over allegations of sexual assault.

The complaint was laid last Saturday on an incident that stems from allegations that Mowana had indecently touched a female staff of his on more than one occasion.

Initially, the complaint was placed through the sexual offences squad at Boroko, which led to him being picked up by Gerehu-based Criminal Investigation Department officers.

Turi says protest not approved

NCD metropolitan police Commander Ben Turi told Loop PNG that because the request was delivered today, there will be insufficient time to get logistics and clearance from police for Monday’s planned protest.

He adds also that there needs to be a 14-day notice ahead of the protest, which is not the case for the current request.

However, Turi said he will consider the protest if the activists agree to hold the forum after the two-week clearance period that falls after May 19.

Police ready to deter UPNG students protest march

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi  late this afternoon said police will not allow for the march to take place.

Turi said no clearance had been given by the Peace and Good Order Committee, adding that he will not change his stance on this issue.

The NCD police boss said he was wary of opportunists who may take advantage of the situation.

As of this afternoon Turi said the Peace and Good Order Committee had not received any request from the students with regards to police allowing them to carry out their planned protest.

Police to monitor UPNG

Police have been tasked to keep an eye on the students’ engagements as well as monitor for opportunists who would want to take advantage of tensions that may arise on the ground.

NCD metropolitan police Commander Ben Turi tells Loop PNG that while presently the situation is calm and quiet, his commanders have all been notified and will be taking the UPNG area into consideration in their operational runs.

Boroko cells yet to be completed

NCD Metropolitan Police Commander Ben Turi tells PNG Loop that the cells should be sorted out in the next three weeks.

He added that work is progressing on the renovation and upgrades of the holding rooms, toilets and kitchen area as well.

In a recent cell inspection the NCD Central Police Commander Sylvester Kalaut says that all the cells once redone will be reopened to the general populace.

He says the cell issue is an internal matter that he and his command have taken charge of to sort out and do up.