Ben Turi

Relatives retaliate on rapists

According to initial police reports, 5 men were involved of which three were caught and two are still on the run.

The 10 year old girl, mix parentage of Goroka, Morobe and Kerema was said to have gone missing around 4pm yesterday afternoon of which the community found her this morning.

NCD Metropolitan police commander, Ben Turi said that police were tipped off and Boroko police units were the first to arrive on scene to intervene.

Police: 8 children rushed to hospital during concert

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Ben Turi, told Loop PNG that the children suffered injuries as well as experienced breathing difficulties as the stadium was overcrowded.

Furthermore, there were reports of children being trampled as well as muggings at the stadium.

“Police were outnumbered as more than 15,000 people had turned up for the event.

“It was overcrowded, dangerous and disorganised,” says Turi. “Outside as well as the inside of the stadium was packed.

“Drunkards, thugs, all sorts of characters went in. It was very primitive.”

Moresby North-East will be on lockdown

This was the directive given by the NCD metropolitan superintendent, Ben Turi, to officials and scrutineers of Moresby North-East.

Turi said just like Moresby North-West, all officials and candidates’ scrutineers will remain in the venue to complete elimination count before declaration and written of writs tomorrow.

After recent delays and false allegations, he called on them to work diligently and transparently.

"I warn any officials to refrain from cheating and putting ballot papers in boxes they shouldn't be in."

Turi to still carry on election duties

The Waigani National Court on Wednesday afternoon refused an urgent application that was filed by incumbent Moresby North-East MP, Labi Amaiu, seeking to restrain him from “interfering with the conduct of electoral officials”.

Amaiu’s lawyer filed an urgent application on July 4, on allegations that Turi had made comments in relation to the conducting of elections during polling day on June 30 at Bush wara settlement at 9 mile and Unagi oval at Gordons.

He also alleged that Turi made comments against NCD regional candidate, Andy Bawa outside the Rita Flynn courts.  

Bawa has personal grudge against me: Turi

Commander Ben Turi claims his predecessor has a personal grudge against him, hence his call for Turi to be sidelined.

This follows allegations made by Bawa and other candidates, including Steven Kilage, who alleged that Turi was aware of an assault on them and their supporters but did nothing about it.

However, Turi said these allegations are just hearsay – what he did is only be in command of law enforcers who, by all means, will carry out and continue enforcing the law.

​Turi condemns candidates’ claims

His statement follows allegations of foul play by four of the top candidates for the NCD regional seat, including Jamie Maxtone Graham, Steven Kilage and former NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Andy Bawa.

The candidates alleged that during an incident on Sunday night, where scrutineers and electoral officers were assaulted and chased from the Rita Flynn Sports Complex, police illegally moved a number of ballot boxes.

However, Commander Ben Turi says the only actions taken at that time at the courts of Rita Flynn were to bring order to the area.

NCD regional candidates petition officials

The petitions were for NCD Election Manager Alwyn Jimmy, NCD Police Commander Sylvester Kalaut and Police Commissioner Gari Baki.

NCD Regional seat heavyweights Jamie Maxtone Graham, Andy Bawa, Noel Anjo, Steven Kilage, Robert Agen and other notable candidates were signatories to the petitions.

The first petition addressed to NCD Election Manager Alwyn Jimmy demanded for;

  • CCTV cameras to be installed in counting venues
  • Counting to be done only during daytime

And for electronic counting to be implemented.

NCD police beef up operations

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Commander Ben Turi says that the security operations for the NCD elections process will be lifted up a notch in preparation for the counting period and eventually the declaration.

Turi is adamant that all operations will flow smoothly into the beginning of the counting period set for some time this week.

He adds that the incident that occurred yesterday at the Rita Flynn courts has forced police security to be beefed up.   

The NCD Metropolitan Superintendent described the incident as being forced upon by desperate candidates.

NCD scrutineers told to abide by dress code

Turi said the Electoral Commission has set that all scrutineers be in White shirts with clear Identification in order for them to be eligible to enter into the counting premises.

He says that anyone dressed inappropriately or without clear identification will not be allowed into the counting venues.

All supporters are also being warned that police will not hesitate to use force if they must; they are advised to be vigilant but also cooperative with the police and other supporters.

Turi: Gun shots fired were to disperse crowd

The NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Commander Ben Turi described the occurrence as being forced upon by desperate candidates.

Turi also confirmed allegations that a number of supporters of candidates present at the courts yesterday were allegedly assaulted by police personnel.

However Turi said that supporters and scrutineers of candidates had packed the Rita Flynn courts and caused a nuisance in the area

He added that the courts and its surrounding areas are an eye sore with the supporters causing disturbances to the general public compromising security.