Barata Streetstuf

Barata Streetstuf turns 2!

A group of four, inspiring each other to keep the market on track with trendy PNG head gear, has a lot to look back on.

Marking the special day on July 21, a photo of the team was uploaded with the caption: “After 1000 caps sold, 4 retail partners nationwide, a Lae Schools Program, 2 Collaborations and a huge following.. We're now 2 Years Old!”

​When trending PNG labels team up

You get something hotter and trendier such as the BarataxBaiwa.

Barata Streetstuf, an apparel brand in PNG specialising in head gear, joined forces with Baiwa – PNG’s top fashion designers, to bring new look hats in town.

Barata Streetstuf introduced BarataxBaiwa last Friday as its first creative collection with Baiwa Designs.

Baiwa, created by Natasha Tamanabae, means “butterfly” in the Binandere language of Eraga, Oro Province, where the designs originate from.

Four schools reach finals in Lae comp

The schools are: Busu Secondary School vs Coronation College (debates) and Milfordhaven Primary School vs Lae Christian Academy (spelling bee).

The finals tomorrow will see the 2017 winners of the inaugural Lae Spelling Bee and Debates competition.

For a first-of-its-kind event, this educational competition has been well received in Lae in the past few days.

Staged by youth volunteers, it commenced on May 29 and will finish tomorrow.

Spelling bee competition for Lae schools

This will be held from May 22- 26 in Lae, with finals held at the Sir Ignatius Kilage Indoor Stadium.

This event aims to become a platform for Lae Students to voice their opinions on issues they face, from the youth perspective.

It will consist of a spelling bee competition between the City’s Upper Primary Schools and a debate competition between the Secondary Schools.

All Primary and Secondary Schools are expected to participate. Most have confirmed participation.

Hat business in the business to assist youths

Were you also wondering what #laesbeed17 stands for?

The secret was revealed yesterday when the “baratapng cap and hat range” announced Lae’s first ever spelling bee & debates competition.

What makes this event special? It’s an event organised by youths to provide a platform for other youths to voice their opinions on issues they face, from the youth perspective.

Partnership aims to inspire young Papua New Guineans

Barata Streetstuf is a local business that specialise in headgear - customised PNG Snapback and very recently, PNG inspired printed Bucket hats.

DJ TraVy is PNG’s next big sound in music, bringing a combination from electro through to latin house onto to dancefloors throughout PNG as well as various music tracks and videos.

The two parties entered into a partnership on Monday, Novemeber 14, which will see DJ TraVy wearing exclusively Barata Streetstuf headgear in upcoming gigs and music videos.