Four schools reach finals in Lae comp

​Lae Spelling Bee and Debates competition has announced four schools for its finals tomorrow.

The schools are: Busu Secondary School vs Coronation College (debates) and Milfordhaven Primary School vs Lae Christian Academy (spelling bee).

The finals tomorrow will see the 2017 winners of the inaugural Lae Spelling Bee and Debates competition.

For a first-of-its-kind event, this educational competition has been well received in Lae in the past few days.

Staged by youth volunteers, it commenced on May 29 and will finish tomorrow.

The spelling bee competition involved the City’s upper primary schools while the debate competition involved secondary schools.

The past few days were basically rounds and semi-finals, according to organising leader Christopher Lam.

He is also the founder of the Barata Streetstuf - an apparel brand in PNG.

And this event is part of Barata Streetstuf’s Social Responsibilities Plan as a youth-focused business.

“It's been good so far, many teachers expressed their gratitude and support for us running an event like this for their schools.

“The students all turned up excited, some parents came to witness as well so it was a community thing, and more than I expected,” Lam told Loop PNG.

Gloria Bauai