Ballot papers 2017

EHP official denies rumours of hijacking

A candidate in the Goroka open seat recently posted pictures on social media alleging that people are voting at will, without any control from the polling officials.

Koupa, when asked about the claims, said the presiding officer, at that time, allowed that to happen in order to complete polling on time.

"Sometimes, when polling is late, the presiding officer had to act on the best interest of the people by allowing them to vote and really don't need to call the roll."

"To me it's not hijacking of the election process," Koupa stated.

Basil: PM is not telling the truth

Basil said: “We understand that the Prime Minister is directly controlling Electoral Commission.

“The proposed amendments regarding the National Elections that came before Parliament are not from the Electoral Commissioner, it’s from the Prime Minister himself and the ruling Party.

“We believe that the Prime Minister is behind the printing of ballot papers overseas.”

Meantime, Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato recently confirmed with Loop PNG that their staff are supervising the printing in Indonesia and it is under control.