Cop allowed bail

28-year-old Haro Arimu, of Gulf province, was allowed bail at K1000 after he brought to the court’s attention that one of his three children was an asthmatic patient, who is being taken care of by his mother.

Justice Panuel Mogish allowed bail today saying Arimu’s sick child was his responsibility because his wife had left him.

He however, said the nature of his offense was serious and he should have thought of his sick child before committing the alleged offense.

K10,000 bail granted to Wobiro and friends

The National Court granted bail for the three after they showed exceptional circumstances. Bail was allowed after conviction pending the sentencing of the three.

Justice Panuel Mogish this afternoon allowed bail after medical reports produced before the court came from reputable medical practitioners and specialists.

He also allowed bail after considering the affidavit of Bomana Jail Commander, Superintendent, Haraha  Keko, that the CIS facility at Bomana was very basic and unable to accommodate, treat and monitor patients with heart conditions.

Book on bail launched

Practicing criminal law for the past eight years, it took Leslie Mamu almost the same number of years to complete the book.

It was launched in Port Moresby on Wednesday night by Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika in the presence of UPNG Chancellor Stephen Pokawin, PNG Constitutional and Law Reform Commission Secretary Dr Eric Kwa and members of the legal fraternity in a small but significant ceremony.

Toksy released from Bomana

Jacob, who is an employee of the Sogeri Lodge, was taken home after owner and managing director of Sogeri Lodge, Warren Bartlett and his staff, sorted his bail papers.

He will remain at the premises of Sogeri Lodge and attend his case hearing at the Committal Court.

Bartlett, who is one of Jacob’s guarantors, was emotional on Thursday afternoon when the National Court allowed bail. He is one of the two guarantors of both Jacob and his 17-year-old co-accused and has been helping the families of the defendants get both youths out of custody since their arrest on Jan 13. 

Kokoda accused succeeds at bail

Justice Panuel Mogish exercised his discretion just before 4.30pm yesterday and allowed bail at K1000 for Toksy Jacob, the 19-year-old youth from Efogi, Northern Province.

He allowed bail for Jacob after he granted bail on April 5 for his 17-year-old co-accused. Both defendants will remain under the care of Sogeri Lodge while they attend their case.

His two guarantors will pledge an amount of K500 each to ensure he adheres to his bail conditions.

Policewoman in condom case allowed bail

The Court allowed bail at K1, 000 for the accused (name withheld) while her two guarantors will pledge an amount of K500 each.  

She has been ordered to not interfere with any witnesses willing to offer statements to police during their course of investigation and must remain at the Morata Police Barracks until her case is finalised.  

She walked out of the Waigani Committal Court room this afternoon after being granted bail wearing a grey hood in an attempt to hide her face from TV cameramen and photographers.   

She will return to court for mention in February.