Toksy released from Bomana

Efogi youth Toksy Jacob was released from custody at Bomana on Friday after his guarantors paid his bail following a successful application on Thursday afternoon at the National Court.

Jacob, who is an employee of the Sogeri Lodge, was taken home after owner and managing director of Sogeri Lodge, Warren Bartlett and his staff, sorted his bail papers.

He will remain at the premises of Sogeri Lodge and attend his case hearing at the Committal Court.

Bartlett, who is one of Jacob’s guarantors, was emotional on Thursday afternoon when the National Court allowed bail. He is one of the two guarantors of both Jacob and his 17-year-old co-accused and has been helping the families of the defendants get both youths out of custody since their arrest on Jan 13. 

Bartlett told Loop outside the court house on Thursday morning that his lodge is still awaiting payment from the tourist couple; British citizen Matthew Iovane and American Michelle Clemens, who had claimed they were assaulted and robbed while walking along the Kokoda track early this year.

It was alleged Jacob and his co-accused stole K6000 cash and 500 pounds off Iovane while armed with a bush knife and spear.

It was also alleged the two youths with others raped or sexually penetrated Clemens and wounded both tourists.

(File picture of Jacob on Thursday morning at the Committal Court before he was allowed bail that same afternoon.)

Sally Pokiton