Kokoda attack case

Sufficient evidence in Kokoda attack case

Toksy Jacob of Efogi in the Northern Province returned to court with his lawyer today where the ruling was handed down.

What remains outstanding in the Committal Court process is his response to the court’s ruling or section 96 statements. That will take place on April 18 when he returns to the Committal Court.

Enough evidence has only been found at this stage but an order from the committal to the National Court for trial is yet to be made.

The court based its ruling on the record of interview that was conducted by police on Jacob and his 17 year old co-accused.

Toksy released from Bomana

Jacob, who is an employee of the Sogeri Lodge, was taken home after owner and managing director of Sogeri Lodge, Warren Bartlett and his staff, sorted his bail papers.

He will remain at the premises of Sogeri Lodge and attend his case hearing at the Committal Court.

Bartlett, who is one of Jacob’s guarantors, was emotional on Thursday afternoon when the National Court allowed bail. He is one of the two guarantors of both Jacob and his 17-year-old co-accused and has been helping the families of the defendants get both youths out of custody since their arrest on Jan 13.