Dr Modowa Gumoi

Full court to hear Wobiro’s application

The three filed separate applications that will be asking the court to reopen their appeal and revisit it, alleging a slip, or error, was made by a three-man Supreme Court bench on April 27.

The slip rule application was filed after the Supreme Court, on April 17, dismissed their appeal against conviction and sentence.

The case came for directions on Friday, where their lawyer indicated they were ready for the hearing.

​Western trio allege court made an error

The three filed a slip rule application on May 18, asking the Supreme Court to reopen their appeal and revisit it, alleging an error or slip was made by the three-man Supreme Court when it dismissed their appeals against conviction and sentence.

Their lawyers will seek leave of the court to move the application on Thursday, August 31.

This direction was issued by Justice Stephen Kassman today at the Supreme Court direction hearing.

Lawyers representing Wobiro, May and Dr Gumoi filed the application against the majority decision of the Supreme Court on April 27.

Court dismiss Wobiro's appeal

It was an anxious wait for Wobiro, Dr Modowa Gumoi,  Norman May and their families who turned up in numbers to the Waigani National Court precinct.

On standby at the airport was a chartered jet that would fly him to Kiunga, if the court had ruled in his favour.

The decision of the three-man Supreme Court bench however went against them.  The bench by majority dismissed his appeal against conviction and sentence.

Bail refused for Wobiro, Gumoi and May

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia refused to grant bail to the three this afternoon. However, he said their appeal will be put on the Supreme Court fast track list of cases.

“I am not satisfied that their continued imprisonment pending appeal is not justified.”

Sir Salamo said the interest of justice demands that the applicants (Wobiro, Gumoi and May) remain imprisoned whilst their appeals are being fast tracked to a hearing.

“For the foregoing reasons, bail is refused in respect of each applicant,” the Chief Justice said.

K10,000 bail granted to Wobiro and friends

The National Court granted bail for the three after they showed exceptional circumstances. Bail was allowed after conviction pending the sentencing of the three.

Justice Panuel Mogish this afternoon allowed bail after medical reports produced before the court came from reputable medical practitioners and specialists.

He also allowed bail after considering the affidavit of Bomana Jail Commander, Superintendent, Haraha  Keko, that the CIS facility at Bomana was very basic and unable to accommodate, treat and monitor patients with heart conditions.

Lawyers still working on Wobiro’s bail

Loop PNG confirmed with the trio’s lawyer, Justin Wohuinangu that they are still working on getting two affidavits or statements signed. The affidavits will be filed with the bail application.

They are also expecting a southern counsel or a brief out of the case to an expatriate lawyer to move the application before the National Court.

That bail application is expected to come before the National court next week Monday. They are seeking bail before sentencing and after conviction.

Western Governor Wobiro’s trial date set

Governor Wobiro and his co-accused appeared before the Waigani National Court today where a trial date was finalised for March 7.

The trial will be held at the Daru National Court, Western Province where most of the witnesses are located.

Prosecution team indicated they are ready for the trial that includes allegations of misappropriation, conspiracy to defraud and abuse of office.

Governor Wobiro, Dr Gumoi and Normal May all remain on an extended court bail until then.