Cop allowed bail

A probationary constable was allowed bail by the Waigani National Court today after the court was of the view he should be allowed bail to take care of his child.

28-year-old Haro Arimu, of Gulf province, was allowed bail at K1000 after he brought to the court’s attention that one of his three children was an asthmatic patient, who is being taken care of by his mother.

Justice Panuel Mogish allowed bail today saying Arimu’s sick child was his responsibility because his wife had left him.

He however, said the nature of his offense was serious and he should have thought of his sick child before committing the alleged offense.

Arimu was arrested in August and charged with two counts of armed robbery and unlawful wounding of a man.

It is alleged that Arimu, in the company of other policemen, illegally confiscated items from a vehicle that was involved in a car accident at the Poreporena Freeway in March.

A struggle between him and those involved in the accident led to his firearm being discharged, which led to the hospitalisation of a man.

His case is still undergoing the Committal Court process at Waigani.


Sally Pokiton