Kokoda accused succeeds at bail

The Waigani National Court late yesterday afternoon granted bail to the defendant in the Kokoda attack case.

Justice Panuel Mogish exercised his discretion just before 4.30pm yesterday and allowed bail at K1000 for Toksy Jacob, the 19-year-old youth from Efogi, Northern Province.

He allowed bail for Jacob after he granted bail on April 5 for his 17-year-old co-accused. Both defendants will remain under the care of Sogeri Lodge while they attend their case.

His two guarantors will pledge an amount of K500 each to ensure he adheres to his bail conditions.

Jacob was ordered by the court not to consume alcohol while on bail, to report to the court’s criminal registry every Monday and must appear at all scheduled court hearings.

He is expected back at the Committal Court in June 23.

His lawyer, Edward Sasingian successfully moved the bail application on the ground that police investigation was taking a long time and there was a lack in progress of the matter at the Committal Court.

Jacob appeared at the Central Committal Court this morning however, his case was adjourned for another two months pending police investigations.

The police investigating officer told the National Court this afternoon that investigation into the case was 95 percent complete.

The officer told the court he is yet to obtain an affidavit from the doctor who treated the tourist couple after their alleged ordeal along the Kokoda track in January this year.

Other documents like the couple’s evidence statements have been sent via email to the police investigating officer.

Caption: File picture

Sally Pokiton