Autonomous Region of Bougainville

Kenai envisions Buka Town to be tourism gateway

In an exclusive interview with Loop PNG the Buka town manager Eddie Kenai said it is one of his main objectives.

“This is the gate way into the Autonomous Region of Bougainville and it must be attractive, beautiful and most importantly clean,” Kenai said.

“We have already got a tourism development Programme in place and our focus is to make Buka the tourism hub for the whole of Bougainville, and also our other focus is to make sure our tourism infrastructures are in place guest houses  and so on,” he said.

Former top cop raises security concerns for AROB

Former Buka Police Station Commander, Cletus Tsien, said this when addressing a crusade on Sunday in Buka.

He told the gathering that Bougainville needs to put safety first and not be blinded by other less important stuff.

“As a former police commander I know facts about security here. Guns we have here now are more than the guns we had in the crisis,” Tsien said.

“Our sources in the atolls tell us they have sighted ships, up to three and four sightings per day. What they do we don’t know, illegal fishing? Drug trafficking?”     

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Police Commissioner Baki calls for self-discipline

Police Commissioner Gari Baki stressed the need for police to be self-disciplined, saying that discipline is the key to everything


ABG boss: don’t compare B’ville to others