Raymond Masono

Atolls Constituency to be declared referendum ready

The constituency has 11 wards and a total of population of about 7,000 people.

Constituency Member and Vice President of ABG, Raymond Masono, was in the area last week holding referendum awareness and getting plans ready for the event.

“This is a bottom up approach. Every ward representative will assess and decide in a democratic way, that they are ready to partake in this crucial vote to decide our future,” Masono said.

NRI conducts research on referendum

Vice-President Raymond Masono welcomed the research team to Bougainville on Friday (Nov 10) and thanked the Speaker for taking a proactive approach to informing Members of Parliament.

“Bougainville needs to be strategic and learn about how other societies have gone about these democratic exercises,” Masono said.

“Right now Bougainville Members are busy preparing their constituencies – we want them to disseminate factual and neutral information about the referendum to help people make an informed decision.”

​ARoB celebrates 42nd Independence in style

Celebrations started yesterday (Friday) in Buka Town and continued today, coinciding with the East New Britain (ENB) Day where hundreds of Tolais who live and work in Bougainville staged various cultural activities.

At the main Hutjena Oval in Buka Town where the twin celebrations were held, there was excitement, unity and peace as the Tolais and Bougainvilleans put on their cultural shows.