Autonomous Region of Bougainville

Work on Bougainville's disability policy begins

The Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) Department of Community Development in partnership with the Bougainville Disabled Persons Organisation (BDPO) recently held consultations with people living with disabilities on the policy.

The consultation provided insight on key issues, barriers and enabling factors that affect people living with disabilities such as poor access to services, and captured their aspirations for this policy.

The consultations and technical development of the policy was supported by the Australian and New Zealand governments.

Fibre Optic Cable lands in ARoB

On a low key note, the landing in Arawa was witnessed by PNG DataCo Limited representatives and Arawa Town Mayor Augustine Barkson and Deputy Mayor Genevieve Korokoro. Both Mr Barkson and Ms Korokoro have been instrumental in the AROB part of the project. They say there is a sense of interest shown by the public towards the arrival of the cable and its benefits.

“We are fortunate to have this infrastructure and we will continue to educate our people about the opportunities the infrastructure will bring,” Ms Korokoro said.

ANG resumes Buka flights

PX 252 departs Port Moresby at 09:30am today to Buka via Rabaul. It arrives in Buka at 1:05pm and departs at 1:35pm before arriving back in Port Moresby at 2:05pm.

Air Niugini had to suspend flights to Buka on the 12th of this month after National Airports Corporation (NAC) closed the airport due to security and safety issues on the ground, which have now been resolved.

Agencies to be engaged in Referendum

Minister for Bougainville Peace Agreement and Implementation, in the ABG Government, Albert Punghau, confirmed this in front of people in Arawa during the referendum roadshow on Tuesday.

Punghau said neutral agencies will be engaged during the referendum.

He said the Government of PNG and Bougainville through the Joint Supervisory Body have resolved outstanding issues in relation to the referendum.

“The question to be put has been resolved by the two governments and the option to be put into the referendum to the people of Bougainville has also been resolved.”

Boating mishap could have been avoided: Islanders

Concerned islanders from the atolls raised this issue after a boat with seven people on board went missing last month.

President of the Bougainville Atoll Association, Sione Paasia, and his sister Akae, who is the director of the Beach Accounting Advisory Foundation, expressed frustration and concern over a disaster that could have been avoided.

Weapons Disposal Secretariat sets out support

Members of the Joint Weapons Disposal Secretariat from the Government of Papua New Guinea and the Autonomous Bougainville Government came together to commence the first formal meeting of the Joint Weapons Disposal Secretariat in Arawa on February 13th.

The way forward includes development of a process of verification of weapons disposal and inclusion of the Me’ekamui into the weapons disposal process through acceptance of a jointly accepted weapons disposal plan.

Copyright our traditional symbol: Locals

It is no secret that a lot of money has been made from selling merchandise with the Upe symbol, especially for both diplomatic and political purposes where it is on the flag and on Bougainville government letterheads.

The real owners of the symbol, the people of Wakunai, Central Bougainville, and Kunua/Keriaka North Bougainville are now calling on the Autonomous Bougainville Government to copyright the symbol for their benefit.

Bougainville geared for biggest Choc Fest

President Chief Dr John Momis will officially launch the two day Festival of activities and competitions at Hutjena Oval in Provincial capital Buka this Friday. 

This year’s festival activities include competitions for farmers, such as the Big Bean Competition and Big Pod Competition.

The highlight Chocolate competition has generated record levels of interest with farmers submitting their cocoa beans from as far as remote Nissan Island and Torokina in South Bougainville.

ARoB MPs commit to human rights protection

This commitment comes following a three-day workshop supported by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

The workshop saw 38 parliamentarians, including the President, Vice President and eight Ministers, in attendance.

Discussions centred on sharing knowledge of the potential role of Parliaments in the promotion and protection of human rights, and provided the opportunity for participants to be updated about best practices of other parliaments throughout the world.

War veterans reconcile

This follows a major mass reconciliation ceremony held last Friday at the Christ the King - Hantoa Catholic Parish between ex-combatants, local chiefs and the community.

Hundreds of people gathered to witness the crucial event where former combatants of the Bougainville Conflict publicly apologised to the local chiefs for their part in joining rival factions during the 15 years of the Bougainville Conflict and causing sufferings and human rights violations in the communities.