Agriculture and Livestock

Juffa: Continuous declining of Kina - a missed opportunity

The ‘Walk the Talk’ Governor for Oro Garry Juffa in response to Loop PNG questions regarding the depreciation of the kina made those remarks.

However, he said since this sector was poorly developed, real benefits would not be realised by Papua New Guineans.

He added that the major agriculture exporters were foreign owned and thus they would be the true beneficiaries while PNG would only benefit from the sale of the raw products.

Tomscoll: PNG expecting downturn in rice imports

Tomscoll said in Parliament this week that currently, PNG is importing about 350,000 tons of rice per year, which equates to something close to K600m to K700m.

Tomscoll said rice import this year will fall by just K16m due to drought and other factors affecting the total global production.

Meantime, Trukai Industries Limited chief executive officer, Greg Worthington-Eyre, said they’re not aware of any shortages of rice in rice producing countries that would impact pricing or supply in PNG.

Minister: East Sepik cocoa farmers have huge potential

He was speaking during launch of the Sepik Chicken, Grain and Cocoa Project at Yangoru Station on Wednesday in East Sepik.

Tomscoll revealed that rural farmers were the largest beneficiaries, pocketing 80 percent of the provincial income on cocoa.  

He challenged them to plant more cocoa trees to increase their income.

“Agriculture is the backbone of the country and helps (villagers) escape poverty by improving their lifestyle and putting money in their pockets.”