2017 Legal Year

Security beefed up at courthouse

The office of the sheriff has installed a new security screening point which has seen people walking through a metal detector before entering the building.

Operated by the National Judiciary Services security guards, the security screening also includes the inspection of all bags.

Sheriff of PNG Ian Augerea in a statement said all court users and those from the legal profession will be subject to the screening process.

“The screening is an additional measure to ensure all court users can access justice without the fear of violence or the threat of weapons.

No backlog of election matters: Courts

The Chief Justice said the courts have cleared its decks and the upcoming elections will go without any backlog of any election petition related matters.

Speaking during the 2017 Legal Year opening, Sir Salamo told agencies of the Law and Justice Sector that this year presents a special challenge, as it has always been the case, when the third arm of government, the executive arm’s term in parliament comes to an end.

“Our responsibilities are clear, because you and I will uphold the constitution and ensure there is a fair and free election,” said Sir Salamo.

2017 legal year opens

The morning started with a march from the Jack Pidik Park at Five-Mile to the Sione Kami Memorial Church, were a service was held.

Members of the Judiciary, Lawyers, Disciplinary forces and the Correctional Institute were reminded of their role, which is to protect and uphold the constitution of this country so that PNG remains an independent and viable democracy.