No backlog of election matters: Courts

All disputes relating to the 2012 General Elections pending in the National and Supreme Courts have been cleared, says Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia.

The Chief Justice said the courts have cleared its decks and the upcoming elections will go without any backlog of any election petition related matters.

Speaking during the 2017 Legal Year opening, Sir Salamo told agencies of the Law and Justice Sector that this year presents a special challenge, as it has always been the case, when the third arm of government, the executive arm’s term in parliament comes to an end.

“Our responsibilities are clear, because you and I will uphold the constitution and ensure there is a fair and free election,” said Sir Salamo.

“We are there to provide security to our country so that the Electoral Commission can discharge its constitutional function to run a fair and free election.

“Responsibility lies on you and me to protect the constitution for the people to exercise their right to vote in a government of their choice in a free and fair election. 

“Your efforts must not be coloured by your internal problems, hardships, tensions and all that goes on in your individual agencies. The purpose for which we are here is far more important,” he said.

He reminded those from the disciplinary forces that their job is primarily to provide security and to ensure the election runs fairly.

“The courts are to perform their duties diligently, competently and efficiently in ensuring that all election related disputes are resolved fairly and in a timely manner. You and I are involved in ensuring that all the laws are complied with,” he added.

He also urged those in the judiciary to apply the law fairly and competently with a purpose.

“Your efforts in applying the law must not be coloured by politics, by parties of politics, persons of politics,” Sir Salamo further added.

(Loop PNG Picture by Cedric Patjole.) 

Sally Pokiton