National Judiciary Services

Judiciary hosts cancer awareness fundraiser

A first-of-its-kind for the sector, staff at the Waigani National Court organised a breast cancer awareness fundraiser today.

One of the organisers, Justice Leka Nablu, believes awareness campaign should be conducted not only to women but men as well, until everyone appreciates how it can be detected earlier.

“The menfolk can also educate their wives and daughters. Together we can try to at least make people aware so that they can seek help earlier rather than later,” she says.

Security beefed up at courthouse

The office of the sheriff has installed a new security screening point which has seen people walking through a metal detector before entering the building.

Operated by the National Judiciary Services security guards, the security screening also includes the inspection of all bags.

Sheriff of PNG Ian Augerea in a statement said all court users and those from the legal profession will be subject to the screening process.

“The screening is an additional measure to ensure all court users can access justice without the fear of violence or the threat of weapons.