2017 legal year opens

Agencies of the Law and Justice Sector today came together to commemorate the opening of the 2017 Legal year in Port Moresby.

The morning started with a march from the Jack Pidik Park at Five-Mile to the Sione Kami Memorial Church, were a service was held.

Members of the Judiciary, Lawyers, Disciplinary forces and the Correctional Institute were reminded of their role, which is to protect and uphold the constitution of this country so that PNG remains an independent and viable democracy.

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia, in addressing those gathered, said the Law and Justice sector agencies have a common interest in ensuring that the laws of Papua New Guinea, including the constitution, are maintained and protected at all times. This is because it is the laws and the constitution of PNG that hold us together.

“The future security of our country is in your hands and my hands. Politicians will come and go, you and I will remain steadfast and continue to uphold the constitution with our responsibilities,” he stated.

“We are talking about justice and we have a mutual common interest to uphold the law in such a way that justice is done fairly so that the people’s rights, the constitution and obligations are respected and upholded at all times.”

Sir Salamo told the agencies to put the past behind them in order to meet the challenges of the new year with a new vision, and with the purpose of the law in mind.

“The security of our country, the safety of its people lies in our functions being performed in a fair and efficient manner,” Sir Salamo went on to say.

(Members of the Judiciary at the Legal Year opening march today)

Sally Pokiton