Jack Pidik Park

TST & HDI MSME Incubation Centre

This was announced by the Director for HDI, Sam Tam during its 25th anniversary celebrations which coincided with the 46th Independence day celebrations at the Rev Sioni Kami Memorial Church on Thursday 16th September, 2021.

On the silver jubilee of the HDI in PNG, a precious gift was given in the form of a land to build an incubation centre for the participating MSMEs in the PV Training Program.

Chairman of the TST Group, Barry Tan gave his consent for the use of the land Portion 2192

NCD Jack Pidik Christmas program ends

Hosted by the National Capital District Commission, the program came to a close last night with band, choir and acting performances.

Port Moresby residents packed the Five-Mile park as early as 5pm to claim a decent spot to sit and watch the performances on stage.

The highlight of the closing event were the Christmas lights and the display of fireworks.

The event was also a good opportunity for vendors to bring their goods along to sell and make extra cash from the general crowd.

NCD police advise on change of venue

The NCD Election manager, Alvin Jimmy explains that the police advised him that the Park was not a viable option.

Jimmy told Loop PNG that the Park was not secure for the pre-counting and so they contacted management of the Rita Flyn courts who agreed to have the process held there.

One of the activities to take place will be the replacing of used ballot papers from the deferred polling held on Tuesday.

The Rita Flynn Courts will be the central coordinating office for the NCD Election until after the Elections.

​NCD polls: Officials instructed to pack up

Presiding officer for wards 1 to 5 for Moresby North-East, Tau Hanao, said apart from that, materials had arrived late on location.

Hanao said they are still waiting for word from the Electoral Commission.

Voters who arrived as early as 6am today were told to turn back at the polling venues.

Hanao said for the safety of their officials, they did as they were instructed by acting upon the advice they received from their main office.

"Our officials did our best to explain to the voting public and move as quickly as possible."

Moresby North-East polling kits distributed

Voters have been gathering as early as 6am with three stations set up at the park.

Media personnel, along with observers, officials and police officers, can also be seen milling around the stations.

Voters are also being observed going over the official candidate line-up, given out as part of the polling kits being distributed to the teams.

Unfortunately, the Electoral Commission just announced that polling for NCD has been deferred to June 30.

2017 legal year opens

The morning started with a march from the Jack Pidik Park at Five-Mile to the Sione Kami Memorial Church, were a service was held.

Members of the Judiciary, Lawyers, Disciplinary forces and the Correctional Institute were reminded of their role, which is to protect and uphold the constitution of this country so that PNG remains an independent and viable democracy.

Law and order is everyone’s responsibility: Baki

“Law and order is not just the police responsibility.”

This was said by the Commissioner for Police, Gari Baki, during a launch.

Baki told the media that the public assaults, particularly on women and girls, is not just the responsibility of police but every Papua New Guinean.

“We expect every Papua New Guinean to treat their own countrymen properly and if you’re going for a concert that is out for everybody to watch, you go there as a true Papua New Guinean and celebrate in the spirit of Christmas.”

Police to beef up security at Jack Pidik

National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi confirmed that police from Saraga Police Station will assist to provide security from tonight onwards.

They will join the NCDC security personnel and NCD reserve police.

Turi said the Christmas lighting and activity at Jack Pidik Park won’t be stopped as the police fully support NCD Governor Powes Parkop’s initiative.

“We will not allow criminals or hooligans to stop the initiative by the Governor,” Turi stated.

Opportunists attempt to jack moving vehicle three times

A city resident posted her ordeal on Facebook about an incident that had taken place at the Five-Mile roundabout.

Opportunists attempted to crack her window whilst she was making her way around the roundabout at Jack Pidik Park.

Residents gather to mark AIDS day

The dawn of December 1 has brought Port Moresby residents out to commemorate the World AIDS Day together.

A crowd of at least a 100 people have gathered at the Unagi Oval to march in awareness of the global epidemic.

They've come prepared with banners, placards and chants in line with the theme for this year: "Hands up for #HIV prevention - count me in”.

The march pass will begin at Unagi Oval, go towards Boroko Motors traffic lights - Waigani Dr, head to Four-Mile via Hubert Murray H/way then to Sir Jack Pidik Park, Five-Mile.