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Women entrepreneurs meet Blinken

The AWE program gives women business owners the knowledge, networks, and access they need to launch and scale successful businesses.

Secretary Blinken met with Priscilla Meakoro, the owner of a local skin and haircare company that manufactures milk and aloe vera oil from local ingredients farmed by women. He also met with Bonnie Naua, founder of Saroni Tailoring whose designer collections, and Elisa Haiara, owner of a digital printing and business promotion solution, E-Products Limited, which has expanded from one to two shops with a third in the works.

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Calls for collaborative efforts to eradicate gender-based violence


The eradication of gender-based violence (GBV) will require long-term and sustained efforts, says Minister for Community Development and Religion Delilah Gore.

Local women entrepreneurs motivated to grow business

Local women entrepreneurs motivated to grow business

The open day market provided support to micro and small businesswomen to show off their products to new customers and expand their networks.

Westpac retail banking coach leadership and change, Alipate Suguturaga said Westpac is an advocate for women as they’re the backbone of society in terms of growing economies.

Suguturaga said, “We are so humbled by what we saw, women entrepreneurs going about their tasks selling various items from food to art, flowers, jewelry and cosmetics.