Local women entrepreneurs motivated to grow business

Local women entrepreneurs have received support in growing their businesses with the successful first ever Westpac Women’s Entrepreneurs’ Market and Open Day in Port Moresby today.

The open day market provided support to micro and small businesswomen to show off their products to new customers and expand their networks.

Westpac retail banking coach leadership and change, Alipate Suguturaga said Westpac is an advocate for women as they’re the backbone of society in terms of growing economies.

Suguturaga said, “We are so humbled by what we saw, women entrepreneurs going about their tasks selling various items from food to art, flowers, jewelry and cosmetics.

“We can see the excitement in their eyes and that they’re excited with what they’re doing”.

Westpac supports the Outstanding Women Awards and womens’ education where every woman in the country can apply for sponsorship for a scholarship.

Suguturaga said they also encourage other women throughout the country who are willing to expose their talent and capabilities in running their business.

He added that Westpac is really passionate about helping women grow in their business and even in the employment sector where a lot of women become successful in life and in their career.

Quintina Naime