west Pomio

PM Marape opens bridges in Pomio

These two bridges were the 84-metre Toto Bridge and Unung Bridge, which is about 100 metres in length. Both bridges are located within the West Pomio LLG and are about 8 kilometres apart, with Unung furthest to the border of the two LLGs of West and Central Pomio.

The PM was accompanied by National Ministers Renbo Paita, Solan Mirisim and Joe Sungi to the district headquarters to launch the bridges and the ENB Provincial Strategic Development Plan (SDP) 2023-2033.

West Pomio committees take oath

Apart from these East New Britain WDCs, other WDC members from Mamusi-Yana LLG and Central Pomio LLG – who had missed out from their programs last week – were sworn in as well.

Four wards each from Mamusi-Yana and Central Pomio joined the WDCs of Gugulena, Malmal-Talie, Manginuna, Totongpal, Kaiton, Puapal, Rowan-Malo, Pomai-Mu, Irena, Poro-Salel, Mauna, Lau, Bairaman, Tolel and Palmalmal for West Pomio LLG.

Over K2bn in damages due to SABL: Pomio

The damages were assessed and compiled by seventeen communities who lost 42,400 hectares of customary land under the Pomata, Ralopal and Nakiura leases.

Representatives of the affected regions were at the report launching and shared details of the report.

The total assessment of damages was reported at 2 billion, 402 million, 362 thousand and 483 kina.

17 villages participated in carrying out the assessment and putting the report together with support from stakeholders, including ACT Now! PNG.

On Tuesday they converged to launch it.

West Pomio mediation conducted

The mediation was conducted by external accredited mediator, Craig Jones.

In a statement, the Archbishop of Rabaul, Francesco Panfilo, said this project is being undertaken by Gilford Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Rimbunan Hijau.

The project area covers a large area of 55,400 hectares, broken into four blocks which are owned by 4 respective local landowner companies (LCO) as follows:

Customary landowner: SABL exploits human rights

Customary landowner Anna Sipona from Malmal Village in west Pomio said the SABL is a strange concept to the people of Pomio that promotes human rights abuse.

Representing the silent majority in the affected villages in west Pomio, Sipona said the SABL issue is not just about land and logging but about the human rights of women and children.

“Women and children are the biggest losers in this land grab and it is just another form of abuse.