Ward Development Committees (WDC)

Ward committees briefed on expectations

Finance inspector from the East Pomio LLG and Ward Affairs Division, Irenius Tiula, made this statement during the May 17th swearing-in of committee members at the LLG station at Milim ward, East New Britain Province.

He said WDCs need to meet the 50 percent plus one items under the Minimum Ward Requirements policy; one of which is a ward bank account.

East Pomio concludes WDC ceremony

Thirteen WDCs were sworn in on Wednesday, May 17th, at the LLG station at Milim ward.

Also sworn in on the day were six WDC members from five wards in the West Pomio LLG; Totongpal, Kaiton, Rowan-Malo, Pomai-Mu and Lau.

The 13 WDCs of East Pomio LLG that were sworn in were from Lamarain, Oiya, Long, Setwei, Kaukum, Milim-Mu, Iwai, Guma-Kilalum, Raulman, Bain, Wawas-Teintop, Klampun and Sampun wards.

The event was witnessed by the surrounding communities and students and teachers from the Kaukum Primary School.

West Pomio committees take oath

Apart from these East New Britain WDCs, other WDC members from Mamusi-Yana LLG and Central Pomio LLG – who had missed out from their programs last week – were sworn in as well.

Four wards each from Mamusi-Yana and Central Pomio joined the WDCs of Gugulena, Malmal-Talie, Manginuna, Totongpal, Kaiton, Puapal, Rowan-Malo, Pomai-Mu, Irena, Poro-Salel, Mauna, Lau, Bairaman, Tolel and Palmalmal for West Pomio LLG.

Ward committees pushed to perform

Pomio deputy district administrator for operations, Joshua Jeremiah, outlined that the empowerment of the lowest level of government at the wards is an oath of affirmation of the members of the WDCs, with the ward members as chairpersons of their respective WDCs.

He said having the largest landmass in East New Britain Province, the delivery of basic services remains a challenge for Pomio District.

New LLG swears in committees

The one-day program was held at the Serenguna Primary School for WDCs of 8 wards in zone 2, East New Britain Province.

The eight committees comprised of 56 members; with seven members per ward, which is inclusive of the ward member as the chairman of the WDC and the ward recorder.

Pomio deputy district administrator for operations, Joshua Jeremiah, said there is a training program for ward recorders in the coming week for the district, to be held at Palmalmal town.