water shortage

Pom to have 'no water’

This warning comes from main water supplier Eda Ranu.

Eda Ranu has been forced to do so after its Mt Eriama water treatment plant began experiencing high level of turbidity as of 6am today.

Turbidity is the cloudiness or haziness of a fluid.  And according to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, is caused by particles suspended or dissolved in water that scatter light making the water appear cloudy or murky.

Water is the latest battleground in Syria

It is a half-hearted attempt to make light of a water crisis that is impacting millions in Damascus, a city that has been relatively sheltered from the violence raging elsewhere in the country.

Nour said that her family just got water on Tuesday morning, after four days without access. Her family quickly lined up to use the shower and she switched on the washing machine. Now, when she hears the sound of the water motor running, she says it is "like a wedding."

NCD faces high risk of water shortage

The monsoon period starts this month until April with below average rainfall expected over the south coast of the country due to the El Nino induced weather, which will affect the Sirinumu Dam at Sogeri.

City residents run a high risk of running out of water come the period after the monsoon which is from May to July.

National Weather Service (NWS) director Samuel Maiha says we are into the monsoon period when rainfall starts to increase a bit and is also expected to increase the volume in the reservoir.

Pari women plan protest march

The water cuts started again last November and have continued on to this day leaving the villagers helpless and desperate for water.

In a meeting with Eda Ranu, President of Pari Women’s Development Association Geau Sasala says they were told that they had an outstanding bill payment of K224, 000 in total and were told to do an upfront payment of  K100, 000 before water can be reconnected back to the village.

Pari aims to keep food, fun and festivities

However, that did not stop the festive celebrations leading up to Christmas Day and following on to the New Year celebration with a mountain of food, fun and festivities, which only the Pari villagers boast to know how to do best. 

From Christmas it was the usual  celebration of  the Birth of Jesus Christ with church services and singing of choir groups or – “Peroveta  anedia”  as they call it in their  Motuan language from all around the village.

Eda Ranu: Use water wisely

Eda Ranu’s Chief Operating Officer Dr Fifaia Matainaho says residents, businesses, and companies need to seriously look into how it can minimise the use of water.

He says everyone should cut their usage of water by 50 percent.

“ I would encourage residents or communities, businesses to start using water bore, ”Matainaho urges.

He says the more water is preserved the better it will be for everyone during this time when there is uncertainty with rainfall.

Eda Ranu is asking people to use water wisely by:

  • Spending less time in the shower