Pom to have 'no water’

Port Moresby will experience a city wide water shut down today.

This warning comes from main water supplier Eda Ranu.

Eda Ranu has been forced to do so after its Mt Eriama water treatment plant began experiencing high level of turbidity as of 6am today.

Turbidity is the cloudiness or haziness of a fluid.  And according to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, is caused by particles suspended or dissolved in water that scatter light making the water appear cloudy or murky.

In other words, the water quality has dropped due to the heavy rains in the last few days, affecting the raw water supply from Eda Ranu’s water source at Sirinumu Dam.

Eda Ranu will advise once normalcy is restored.

But in the meantime, raw water from its Bomana Reservoir is being utilized to supply water to all hospitals.

Gloria Bauai