NCD faces high risk of water shortage

Port Moresby could face a high risk of water shortage after the current monsoon period.

The monsoon period starts this month until April with below average rainfall expected over the south coast of the country due to the El Nino induced weather, which will affect the Sirinumu Dam at Sogeri.

City residents run a high risk of running out of water come the period after the monsoon which is from May to July.

National Weather Service (NWS) director Samuel Maiha says we are into the monsoon period when rainfall starts to increase a bit and is also expected to increase the volume in the reservoir.

Maiha says looking at the current weather pattern, it is not certain how much rainfall there will be but it is predicted that over the next three months  it will be below average.

“There will be some increase in rainfall and subsequently also in the water levels at Sirinumu but what we are concerned about is how much and for how long that will last.

“That will be the period in which the water authorities need to be concerned about and come up with appropriate strategies to navigate the situation,” said Maiha.

Quintina Naime