University of Goroka

EHP Administrator to help UOG in reconciliation

“We are ready to assist the University facilitate reconciliation, we cannot do much as the University has its own law,” Tato said.

Following the student fight at the campus last week, were 44 students were injured and treated,  with the UOG Academic Senate suspending classes for two weeks giving time for students to recover.      

“The situation happened within the campus, I thank Police for maintaining the situation when it spilled over to the main town,” Tato said.

“We offer our sympathy to the students who were affected because of what has happen.”

University of Goroka students vacating campus following student fight

This followed fighting by students who opposed and supported the ongoing boycott of classes, for Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to set aside.

UOG Chancellor Joseph Sukwianomb told Loop PNG, that “this is in line with the decision of the (academic) senate to have two weeks’ break”.

“They (students) will come back to continue with their programs after the two weeks, (because) we are extending the study break and examination weeks.

UOG Senate suspends lectures for two weeks

Some students say the fight is not related to UPNG protest.

A Goroka student was attacked and is alleged to have been wounded by some Hagen students and was admitted at Goroka hospital.

The Hagen students paid K1, 000 compensation on Sunday.

But some Goroka students were not satisfied.

They combined with Chimbu students with support from outside elements and attacked Hagen and Wabag students in the morning.

The crowd from market that ran to UOG gate and back to town in the morning were opportunists.

Meanwhile many students have left the Campus.

50 students injured in UOG students’ clash

However, according to the executive office of the university Pascalis Channel Mape, all have been stabilised but three of them are still under close monitoring from the doctors.

He said shops, offices and schools around the Goroka town area has also been closed due to the students’ riot.

It was reported that there was disagreement between the Chimbu-Goroka and Western Highlands-Enga students on weather In-service students should resume lectures or join the rest and boycott classes in support of UPNG students.

Police move in to control students clashing at Goroka campus

“The situation got out of hand, yesterday and today,” UOG Chancellor Joseph Sukwianomb told Loop PNG this morning.  

He cannot confirm the number of students injured but said the casualities are from both sides was a result of stones being thrown and fired from slight shots and also spears from bows and arrows.  

 “A number of students have been injured and taken to the hospital,” Sukwianomb said.

“We have called Police in just now to, first stop the fight and evacuate the injured students.

Goroka campus on lock down as student factions riot

Reliable sources at the University of Goroka campus told Loop PNG that the fight broke among the faction of Chimbu/Goroka students and the Western Highlands/Enga students.

The source who wanted to remain unanimous because of safety reasons said the disagreement between the students started on Saturday where students attending their inservice training agreed to resume classes today but this did not go down well with other students.

Currently, the main gate at the campus is closed as people are gathering at the gates.

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Blockades removed, UOG staff back to work

The blockade was the result of Student Representative Council (SRC) led student unrest.

The Police Task Force Unit based in Goroka yesterday enforced a National Court restraining order to remove items blocking the entrances of the Main Quadrangle – which houses offices and lecture rooms.

UOG vice chancellor, Dr Gairo Onagi said the current student unrest that was led by a minority was illegal as proper channels of negotiations had been bypassed.