Police move in to control students clashing at Goroka campus

Local Police have moved into the University of Goroka campus to control students fighting each other because of disagreement to resume class.

“The situation got out of hand, yesterday and today,” UOG Chancellor Joseph Sukwianomb told Loop PNG this morning.  

He cannot confirm the number of students injured but said the casualities are from both sides was a result of stones being thrown and fired from slight shots and also spears from bows and arrows.  

 “A number of students have been injured and taken to the hospital,” Sukwianomb said.

“We have called Police in just now to, first stop the fight and evacuate the injured students.

“The student group is a small number, made up of Enga and Western Highland students who want to continue with the boycott, while some students from Eastern Highlands and Chimbu want to return to class.

“The situation escalated when there were serious disagreements between those who wanted to return to class and those that wanted to continue the boycott.

“Yesterday the Academic Senate attempted to hold a meeting to try  and address the issue raised by the students if they were to continue to have two weeks off, so they would organise themselves to return to class, but were disrupted by the students.

 “The Police and administration are trying to address the situation,” Sukwianomb said.

Picture source from Tapua Mahn Facebook page. 

Charles Yapumi