University of Goroka

Do you speak French? Parlez-vous français ?

For all these reasons, the World Language Strand in the Division of Language and Literature of the UoG decided to organize a huge event to promote the languages teaching. At the UoG, Bahassa Indonesia, Japanese and French are taught.

French Ambassador Guillaume Lemoine, together with Representative of the New Caledonia’s Government Alexandre Lafargue travelled to Goroka to give all their support to the teacher of French Mrs. Dawn Solevad Ilai.

UOG Investigation report

The report was presented to the Minister for Higher Education Research Science Technology & Sports, Wesley Raminai on Friday October 01st in Port Moresby.

Acting Chancellor, Joe Wemin presented the report to the Minister on behalf of the University council.

“I would like to thank you minister, Honorable Raminai for your confidence and the trust you had bestowed on the council. We also acknowledge the support of the government to you to sort out the maladministration and issues that were raised about our university,” Wemin said.

Asia Pacific Institute sign MOU with UOG

UOG Director for Flexible Learning, Kensol Rui said students who graduated from private institutions like Asia Pacific have found a pathway to a state institution for tertiary studies. This MoU will provide opportunities for students in Southern region.

The signing of the MoU will also strengthen the relationship that the two institutions have.

Asia Pacific Institute will now offer diploma courses in Business Accounting, Business Management, Early Childhood, and Tourism and Hospitality. Students can continue their bachelors’ degree at UOG.

Youth Arts Program A Success

The plays were scripted and directed by the students on topics such as homosexuality and suicide, police brutality and gambling which were put together over six weeks and took place among several high schools in NCD.

Andrew Kuliniasi, who started off as a script-writer and producer at the age of 15, and is now the drama director at the Moresby Arts Theatre, described the student’s written scripts and acting skills as the most “detailed and touching.”

Theatre Arts Avenue For Youth Participation

Adriana Mulavo, a year nine student attending Kopkop College said dramatizing these sensitive topics gave her and her class the chance to talk about the issues that they see happening around them.

“These topics dramatized on stage (police brutality, suicide, gambling) needs to be talked about and really needs changing…Telling these stories, in a way helped us to express ourselves. Because most of the time we are not allowed to do that in an academic setting.”

Everyday People: Kulinas Clement

The course was very good as it put to use when dealing with everyday people. When relating to my work, we are dealing with adults so what I learnt I put it to good use at my place of work, especially to teach at rehabilitation workshops about gender so there is no discrimination at the work place.

Gender inequality at the workplace is vital in the government circle. Men need to respect women and vice-versa, so you work together. I hope that when I return to my work place my superiors will give me the opportunity to do some changes in the department.

Graduates Without Degrees

As the joy of graduation filled the air, a portion of the graduates who applied for the HELP (Higher Education Loan Program) for their tuition fee were grieved because they received empty folders, without the degrees.

About 278 Post Graduate Diploma in Education students had applied for loan under the HELP program to pay for their tuition fees and complete their studies

The aggrieved students expressed their concerns outside of the graduation ceremony recently.

Dr Waninga is Acting VC for UoG

At a press conference held in Port Moresby, University Chancellor, Joe Wemin said the decision of the Minister to appoint Dr Waninga as Acting VC confirms with the laws of this country. 

He said the Minister is empowered by the Higher Education Act to revoke and appoint.

“The court decision today reflects that the minister did not make any mistake. He did not change the management by the council because he wants to do for the sake of KT management. The court upheld the decision made by the Minister,” Mr Wemin said.

UOG receives students’ petition

The petition was for the school’s administration to address pressing issues on campus. 

In a statement, Chancellor Joseph Sukwianomb acknowledged the receipt of an official letter dated 13th of April.

He stated that he also appreciated the manner in which the petition was presented; through a professional and formal request.

The chancellor understood the context and content of the issue and challenges that students have rightfully presented and he is working cooperatively and in consultation with the team to address these challenges.

UOG to introduce new schools

Professor Sinebare says there are plans to introduce news schools, build a university city to accommodate the expanding campus and open more satellite campuses nationwide.    

The UOG VC revealed that plans are in place to move away from its traditional course of teaching secondary school teachers, to introducing a School of Medical Health Science and Agro-Business.

UOG this year commemorated its 20 years as a teacher training university.