University of Goroka

UOG receives students’ petition

The petition was for the school’s administration to address pressing issues on campus. 

In a statement, Chancellor Joseph Sukwianomb acknowledged the receipt of an official letter dated 13th of April.

He stated that he also appreciated the manner in which the petition was presented; through a professional and formal request.

The chancellor understood the context and content of the issue and challenges that students have rightfully presented and he is working cooperatively and in consultation with the team to address these challenges.

UOG to introduce new schools

Professor Sinebare says there are plans to introduce news schools, build a university city to accommodate the expanding campus and open more satellite campuses nationwide.    

The UOG VC revealed that plans are in place to move away from its traditional course of teaching secondary school teachers, to introducing a School of Medical Health Science and Agro-Business.

UOG this year commemorated its 20 years as a teacher training university.

UOG SRC constitution under review

The University Council decided to suspend the Student Representative Council (SRC) at the height of student unrests on campus in 2016 and review the SRC constitution.

As a decision of the Council, an internal committee comprising of staff and students was established to review the constitution.

UOG will not charge a graduation fee

UOG vice-chancellor Professor Musawe Sinebare confirmed that the cost for staging the graduation has always been budgeted for and there’s no new additional cost that will be offloaded to the students.

Sinebare said, “The students do not have to pay anything to graduate.

“They’ve already earned their grades and the graduation ceremony is an occasion to present them their certificates of achievement and a celebration of their efforts.

UOG works to address overcrowding

UOG Vice Chancellor, Professor Musawe Sinebare, said the overcrowding is due to the high demand of student intake this year.

Sinebare explained that 656 school leavers were selected, an increase of 256 from the traditional figure of 400 students.

PNG needs more trained midwives

Papua New Guinea needs to train more midwives to help address the high infant mortality and maternal rate.

PNG Midwifery Society president Jennifer Pyakalyia has called for more training for midwives at the universities and colleges in the country.

Pyakalyia said at least 20 midwives should be trained at each of the five midwifery institutions in the country if PNG is serious about improving maternal and new born health.

UOG to complete 2016 Academic year says Chancellor

“While the country is going through the challenges in these difficult times the Council of the University understood the contexts of these challenges and took on board creative and durable strategies and polices to hold down the University to operate successfully without any option to close the University; even the situation was critical,” UOG Chancellor Joseph Sukwianomb said.  

He also thanked the National Government, Office of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology and  Planning Department for the release of K3 million to fund the operation of the academic year.

UOG's new building to cost K40m

The signing also included contracts being awarded to two other construction companies and a project management company to oversee the construction of the new Central Administration building.

The UOG Supply & Tenders Board awarded the contract for the full design of the Central Administration building to Frameworks Architects, valued at K2.3 million.

The project management consultancy services was awarded to Jhimaw Ltd. Both are Goroka-based firms.

Report: UOG needs to recruit proper security staff

This was one of the recommendations proposed by the UOG Investigation Committee that conducted a probe into the conflict among students in June. 

The recommendations were released in a report presented to the UOG Council to implement.

The investigation committee proposed that a proper security manual is developed and regular security training is encouraged for security personnel.

The committee chairman and UOG Council member, Lawrence Titimur, stated that a professional manager needs to be recruited to look after the security needs for the university.

UOG assures Report recommendations will be addressed

UOG Vice Chancellor Professor Musawe Sinebare assured that the university management will do its best to address the problems identified and implement the solutions recommended in the report.

The report highlights about eight recommendations to take into consideration.

These include addressing and improving security, student conduct and discipline, dialogue between OHE and university, student admissions, regional groups, student welfare, Campus relocation, dealings with landowners and police intervention.