50 students injured in UOG students’ clash

More than 50 students from the University of Goroka have sustained injuries from the fight among themselves this morning at the campus in Eastern Highlands Province.

However, according to the executive office of the university Pascalis Channel Mape, all have been stabilised but three of them are still under close monitoring from the doctors.

He said shops, offices and schools around the Goroka town area has also been closed due to the students’ riot.

It was reported that there was disagreement between the Chimbu-Goroka and Western Highlands-Enga students on weather In-service students should resume lectures or join the rest and boycott classes in support of UPNG students.

The dispute began on Saturday and this morning there was a fight among male students from these two faction inside a dormitory.

UOG gate was locked and some students with members of the public who gathered outside the gate couldn’t get in.

News spread and members of public mobilised at the market area and ran towards the UOG gate.

Police blocked off the gate and the crowd ran back towards town. Police fired tear gas and blocked off the crowd at YWCA field.

But the crowd broke through and ran towards the market area.

They were making their way into the town area but were blocked off again at the Bowling Club by heavy gun fire from police.

Police have moved in and are monitoring the situation.


Picture by Beron T Kongona facebook page.

Freddy Mou