Tari police

Suspects arrested for unlicensed pistol

They  were  caught  by MS  11  from  Wabag at around  4.00pm along the Nanonda  Highway.

The MS 11 had been task to conduct police  road blocks  along the highway when they incepted the two suspects.

Assistant Commissioner for Police- Western Command, Martin Lakari said the  suspects  were apprehended have  all  been  detained  at Tari  police  cell  and  refused  bail.

They were formally charged on Wednesday for the alleged offence.

The unlicensed pistol is a Magnum, with Serial number: 1911A2 and is believed to be a US Army issued.

Tari police continue search for 6 escapees

The 6 men broke out from the cells between 11pm and 2 in the morning.

Hela police commander Mark Yangen tells PNG Loop that initially police made  province wide search but are now in liaison with the nearby highlands provinces to assist in the manhunt.

Yangen says that the two police officers who were on duty at the time of the escape have been administratively dealt with and are still on suspension.

At the time of the escape the station was not manned as both police men were out on the road.