CCTV enhances Rabaul port surveillance

Rabaul Harbour has become the busiest transshipment hub in the Pacific Region, making it crucial for the NFA to adopt the most advanced and robust surveillance tools to ensure the safety and continuity of fishing vessels using the port.

Exchange of maritime boundaries data to boost fisheries monitoring, control and surveillance in region

This milestone also represents the achievement of a key outcome under the Pacific-European Union Marine Partnership (PEUMP) programme to reduce Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing through enhanced Monitoring, Control, and Surveillance (MCS) of oceanic and coastal fisheries. It comes at an opportune time with the global focus of World Oceans Day on 8 June being “Innovation for a sustainable ocean. Together we can protect our home.”

Facebook updates policies to prohibit surveillance

An update to its policies on both Facebook and Instagram prohibits developers from using "data obtained from us to provide tools that are used for surveillance."

PNG lacks maritime surveillance capacity

Milne Bay Governor Titus Philemon in a Question without Notice to the Fisheries Minister Mao Zeming in this morning session of Parliament asked him if he was aware of illegal fishing in Milne Bay waters.

Philemon said there had been sighting of six illegal Asian fishing boats catching sea cucumbers in the past few weeks.  

There is currently a ban in place stopping the fishing of sea cucumbers in the country.

 “I am not aware of this illegal fishing activity,” Zeming said.