Shadow cabinet

Opposition Announces Shadow Ministers

The Opposition continues to advocate the crucial role it plays in providing alternative policies, advice, and leadership to ensure Papua New Guinea realises its developmental aspirations.

“It gives me great pleasure to announce the country’s Alternative Government’s shadow cabinet and the capable leaders who will fill these positions.

“In accordance with keeping the Government to account, our shadow cabinet follows Parliamentary conventions to ensure we have concurrent oversight of the National Executive Council for accountability and transparency sake.

Sir Mekere to mentor shadow ministers

Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch said instead, Sir Mekere will use his extensive background and knowledge to mentor shadow ministers.

Besides being a former PM, Sir Mekere was the first Papua New Guinean to become Secretary of Finance and later was Governor of the Central Bank.

He also had a reputation as a reforming prime minister.

Opposition announces Shadow Cabinet

Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch, when making the announcement today, said the revamped Shadow Cabinet represented a mix of experienced political leaders and talented Papua New Guineans who were successful in the 2017 general election.

"The Alliance will challenge the O'Neill Government in Parliament and the public arena on two fronts — poor economic mismanagement, policy formulation and implementation and secondly, massive levels of ongoing corruption and waste," Pruaitch said.

Pruaitch announces shadow cabinet

The Opposition Leader, Patrick Pruaitch, said the shadow cabinet will not be unnecessarily obstructive, but will support the government to uphold leadership conduct and proposed laws and policies.

“I wish to remind the government that political leadership in our country is not an end in itself but a means to an end.

As far as parties and leaders in the Opposition are concerned, the end is the welfare, prosperity and the common good of every citizen – every girl, every woman, every boy and every man – of this nation.