Pruaitch announces shadow cabinet

The Opposition has announced a shadow cabinet tasked to keep the Government in check.

The Opposition Leader, Patrick Pruaitch, said the shadow cabinet will not be unnecessarily obstructive, but will support the government to uphold leadership conduct and proposed laws and policies.

“I wish to remind the government that political leadership in our country is not an end in itself but a means to an end.

As far as parties and leaders in the Opposition are concerned, the end is the welfare, prosperity and the common good of every citizen – every girl, every woman, every boy and every man – of this nation.

“The end is not self-interest. The end is not self-preservation. Our shadow ministerial team will not entertain self-serving leadership, laws, and policies by the current coalition government.

“We have (been) elected to serve rather than be self-serving.”

Pruaich added that the Opposition have the numerical strength, depth of experience and quality of leadership, to engage in quality and robust debate on the floor of Parliament, to keep the government in check at all times.

“We are duty-bound to do this, acting on the leadership mandate that our people recently gave us during the election process.”

He said, “Accordingly, our first task as a cohesive team is to offer ourselves to be the alternative credible government for the service of our people. We undertake to do all things necessary to maintain solidarity, unity, and stability in our Alliance team as (outlined) in our Accord.”

The parties in the Opposition include National Alliance, PANGU, PNG Party, THE Party, PNG National Party, Melanesian Alliance Party, Melanesian Liberal Party, Coalition for Reform Party and Peoples Movement for Change.


More updates to come.

Freddy Mou