Member for Moresby North-West

Candidate with 9 votes eliminated

Current progressive scores after quality checks were: 

1. Lohia Boe Samuel 17,473 

2. Joe Tonde 7,415 

3. Dr Thaddeus Kambanei 5,712 

4. Sengol A Parkop 5,675 

5. Walter Yangomina 3,449 

6. Anna Kavanna Bais 2,923 

7. Jackson Kiakari 2,720 

First candidate eliminated with a progressive score of 9 votes was candidate Jenop Samo. 

Primary counts did not reach absolute majority of 28,851 votes.

More to come.


Scrutineers walk off in protest

Their move has further delayed the quality checks and elimination process for the Moresby Northwest by-election.

The scrutineers adamantly demanded the presence of the presiding officers at the stadium during checks, so that they could confirm their signatures on the first preference formal ballot papers.

However, explanations of the correct process of the quality checks by the PNG Electoral Commission election officials and Returning Officer, Desmond Timiyaso, fell on deaf ears.

Sir Mekere renews call for election commission of inquiry

The report is a comprehensive account of the election, based on observer teams led by Papua New Guinean experts who covered 69 electorates in all four regions with detailed studies of 44 electorates. 

The report concluded that elections in PNG continue to trend in the wrong direction.

Sir Mekere criticises media speculation

One of the dailies published an article alleging former prime minister and Moresby North-West MP, Sir Mekere Morauta, had met with Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas and Hagen Open MP, William Duma, concerning the forthcoming vote-of-no-confidence (VoNC).

In response, Sir Peter and Duma came out in the media denying the meet. They further criticised Sir Mekere for implicating them in the Opposition’s planned VoNC.

Minister puts to rest land rumours

He responded after NCD Governor and close ally, Powes Parkop, asked him to clarify whether or not the government was arranging shady deals between landowners and buyers outside of proper processes.

The NCD Governor was inclined to crush rumours his government was involved in illegal land deals after Member for Moresby North-West, Sir Mekere Morauta, accused the government of ‘actively facilitating’ land deals without proper consultation with customary landowners.

Sir Mekere to mentor shadow ministers

Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch said instead, Sir Mekere will use his extensive background and knowledge to mentor shadow ministers.

Besides being a former PM, Sir Mekere was the first Papua New Guinean to become Secretary of Finance and later was Governor of the Central Bank.

He also had a reputation as a reforming prime minister.