Robert Atiyafa

CLRC concludes public consultation meet in Enga

CLRC chairman, Robert Atiyafa said lack of compliance, collusion between candidates and electoral officials and security officers, and strong Melanesian cultures consistently weaken democracy in this country.

When concluding its public consultation on review of the Organic Law on National and Local Level Government elections in Enga recently, CLRC chairman Robert Atiyafa said cheating in elections is widespread that candidates in many areas have done that to win seats in Parliament.

Hela situation hinders law review exercise

The situation has forced the deferral of the consultation on the review of the election laws in the province last week.

The Constitutional and Law Reform Commission team was in the province to carry out consultations on the 28th and 29th of November. However, Chairman Robert Atiyafa said they were unable to do so because of the volatility of the situation on the ground.

Nationwide consultation continues

Constitutional and Law Reform Commission chairman, Robert Atiyafa, led the consultation team in the province on November 8th and was welcomed by Deputy Governor John Nos, Vanimo Town Mayor Jerry Kina and Deputy Provincial Administrator Desak Drot, among others.

Atiyafa shares priorities at peace ceremony

Priorities for the next three years were also highlighted by the MP at the occasion.

The distribution of food ended the peace ceremony, which was an open invitation to all Henganofi people in the district to put their differences aside from the 2017 National Election and work together to develop the district.

A large crowd comprising representatives from all villages in Henganofui were in attendance at the event on September 19.

MP Robert Atiyafa used the gathering to apologies to his people and invite them to join hands to revive Hanganofi.

NGI electoral law review underway

The team is led by Henganofi MP and Chairman of the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission, Robert Atiyafa.

In welcoming the team, the Provincial Administrator Lamiller Pawut thanked the delegation for giving prominence to New Ireland by visiting them for the consultation and gave assurance to work with them in the three-day consultation that started on Monday.

Non-participation a breach of directive: Law reform commission

Henganofi MP and chairman of the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission, Robert Atiyafa, says non-participation is in breach of this directive.

Atiyafa raised this concern as he prepares to lead, tomorrow, the first leg of the nationwide consultation on the Review of the Organic Law on National and Local Level Government Elections and related electoral laws and systems.

Nationwide electoral review to be conducted

Constitutional and Law Reform Commission, in collaboration with key stakeholder agencies, will hold nationwide consultations around the country to review the Organic Law on National and Local-Level Government Elections and related electoral laws and systems.

There have been consistent observations of widespread electoral fraud and irregularities in the past four national general elections by independent observers and through Electoral Commission reports.

Atiyafa submits DSIP acquittals for Henganofi

Sitting Member of Parliament for the Henganofi electorate, Robert Atiyafa presented the acquittals before traveling to his electorate for the nomination to retain his Henganofi seat.

When presenting his acquittals, Atiyafa called for implementing agencies to be well funded to effectively carry out monitoring and evaluation of services improvement programs throughout the country.

In a statement, Atiyafa said the Government’s development grants for provinces, districts and LLGs over the last five years would be a waste if there is no monitoring and evaluation conducted.

Atiyafa pays K2 million for tuition fees

This is the fourth year the MP has rescued parents, who are mostly subsistence farmers, by paying tuition fees under his district’s human resource development program.

The program has cost Atiyafa and his District Development Authority  (DDA) K8 million since 2013, a feat no other MP in Eastern Highlands and Chimbu provinces would match.

The beneficiaries are those attending universities, teachers and nursing colleges plus other privately-run educational and training institution across Papua New Guinea.