Red Sea

Police say they will not vacate houses

Police Association President, Lowa Tambua has warned Red Sea Housing that giving ultimatums by way of threat is unhealthy.

Tambua warns that the policemen and women who have already settled up at the new barracks will not move out that easily.

“Come your 30 days, they will not move out and you will only be looking for trouble.”

He reiterated that the outstanding payment is a matter between you (Red Sea) and the government adding that Red Sea cannot just move these people out like this.

New Bomana barracks tenants given 30 days to vacate

The police union had taken the matter on board prior to the current situation by holding discussions with the Chief Secretary regarding the houses at Bomana, the consequences of the non- completion of the houses and the consequences of what would follow.

President Lowa Tambua said this is not the first time this issue of police housing has been brought up and the Police Commissioner has also been time and again raising this issue with the government to pay up the bills to Red Sea.

Yemen officials say rebels trading fire with coalition ships

The fighting is taking place near the Bab al-Mandab straight, the strategic southern entrance to the Red Sea and the gateway to the Suez Canal.

The development comes amid land clashes Thursday near the straight between units loyal to President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi and rebel forces.