Lowa Tambua

Police say they will not vacate houses

Police Association President, Lowa Tambua has warned Red Sea Housing that giving ultimatums by way of threat is unhealthy.

Tambua warns that the policemen and women who have already settled up at the new barracks will not move out that easily.

“Come your 30 days, they will not move out and you will only be looking for trouble.”

He reiterated that the outstanding payment is a matter between you (Red Sea) and the government adding that Red Sea cannot just move these people out like this.

New Bomana barracks tenants given 30 days to vacate

The police union had taken the matter on board prior to the current situation by holding discussions with the Chief Secretary regarding the houses at Bomana, the consequences of the non- completion of the houses and the consequences of what would follow.

President Lowa Tambua said this is not the first time this issue of police housing has been brought up and the Police Commissioner has also been time and again raising this issue with the government to pay up the bills to Red Sea.

Police Association condemns Sir Mekere’s criticism

The Police Association of Papua New Guinea has strongly condemned Sir Mekere Morauta’s criticism of the current government not paying police personnel’s salaries on time.

National President, Lowa Tambua said this relating to an article published by The National on 15/02/2017.

Tambua said the members prefer to maintain impartiality in their conduct, therefore would not want to promote political propaganda in any circumstance.

“The current government is adequately addressing all welfare and employment issues within the police force.”

Police union against Baki’s removal

Union president Lowa Tambua says removing Baki will destabilise the command structure of the force as well as damage all the good work that has been done by Baki in the last seven months since he has taken office.

Lowa says this is not the right time to make another change as Baki is also spearheading a massive modernisation program. His stance on zero tolerance of corrupt practices has also made a positive impact.

The issue of national elections is coming up and a change of guard, according to Lowa, will really affect the force and their preparations.