PNG education department

Dept launches student website

The “My PNG Home study” website is one of the new interventions the department is working on.

Secretary for Education, Dr. Uke Kombra, said during the five weeks of State of Emergency, the department used radio and TV to engage students.

But this new approach means students can access it using their mobile devices or computers wherever they are.

Stop using ‘standard officer’ title, advises Kombra

The Secretary for Education, Dr Uke Kombra is issuing the advice according to the Secretary’s Instruction No. 12 of 2016.

“The title ‘school inspector’ was used in the past until it was changed to ‘standard officer’ when the Standards Division of the Department, formerly known as Inspections and Guidance Division, was going through an inspection review process in 2016,” Dr Kombra said in a statement.

“This review saw a shift in inspectors’ work from teacher appraisal to whole school improvement and accountability.”

TFF payments to be paid quarterly

This year, the National Government has appropriated K602 million, with K150.5 million to be paid each quarter and disbursed according to three components.

The components are administration gets 40 percent, infrastructure gets 30 percent and teaching and learning 30 percent as well.

The infrastructure component will be paid into TFF Trust Accounts held at the District Treasury for the schools to access. Arrangements are still being finalised.

200 schools to soon use teachers’ attendance system

The new ‘time in attendance system’ will see a biometric hand punch device come into use that will provide an accurate audit of a teacher’s attendance.

The system was launched by Minister for Public Service Sir Puka Temu and Minister for Education Nick Kuman, following the trial at three schools in the National Capital District.

Badihagwa Secondary School, Ted Diro Primary School and Limana Vocational School were the three pilot schools with 106 teachers’ attendances being captured.