Dept launches student website

The Education Department recently launched a website to make learning more accessible for students.

The “My PNG Home study” website is one of the new interventions the department is working on.

Secretary for Education, Dr. Uke Kombra, said during the five weeks of State of Emergency, the department used radio and TV to engage students.

But this new approach means students can access it using their mobile devices or computers wherever they are.

Thomas Podarua, assistant secretary for the ICT, Department of Education, said the content is all captured in the national education curriculum. This is the same curriculum where teachers teach and students use in our school system.

The system has two accesses where the facilitator can upload content and the other where the parents and students can access.

Students can type in to access the website. A student does not need a password. You can just login straight.  

Click on student access, select your grade, for example, Grade 12, the subject you are studying, example science, term 1, then choose the options given, either activities, general content, test or homework.

Then you will have access to files available.

The department is yet to upload more content on this website.

The content on the website was uploaded by Marianville Secondary School from grades 9 -12 and Carr Memorial Adventist Primary School for prep to Grade Eight.

On the other hand, concerns have been raised over issues of internet connection for students living in the rural areas and those who cannot afford the luxury of owning a phone or laptop.