TFF payments to be paid quarterly

Schools throughout the country are reminded that the Tuition Fee Free is paid quarterly and not in lump sums, as in previous years.

This year, the National Government has appropriated K602 million, with K150.5 million to be paid each quarter and disbursed according to three components.

The components are administration gets 40 percent, infrastructure gets 30 percent and teaching and learning 30 percent as well.

The infrastructure component will be paid into TFF Trust Accounts held at the District Treasury for the schools to access. Arrangements are still being finalised.

Acting Secretary for Education, Dr Uke Kombra has confirmed in a statement that the allocation for quarter 1 has been paid out to all the schools in January and March this year.

He said the first payment of K75.6 million for the second quarter has already been made and schools should be expecting their money anytime next week.

Kombra called on all schools to spend the money on improving the quality of teaching and learning while at the same time, the school authorities must ensure to account for all the money received and spent.

The first payment for second quarter includes all sectors of education and a one-off payment for permitted schools and part-payment for Flexible, Open and Distance Education.

Elementary schools received K7,378,787.75, primary/community schools got K25,687,570.40, provincial high schools received K5,941,165.08, secondary schools got K15,828,049.93, national high schools got K444,276.72, vocational received K4,144,639.70, permitted schools got K1,677,000.00 and FODE received K1,768,717.50.

Quintina Naime