Tuition Free Fee

Schools without TFF to report to provincial coordinators

The Secretary for Education, Dr Uke Kombra, clarified that there are TFF coordinators now in the provinces who deal directly with the issue.

Kombra said the coordinators were appointed this year to be the first point of contact for schools that have not received their TFF subsidy. The coordinators then communicate directly with the TFF team at Waigani to look into the problem.

“Any schools out there that are yet to receive their TFF must go immediately to see the coordinators in the province so we can then have a formal report to us.

Stability important in progress: Sir Puka

Sir Puka was speaking in Wabag last week as a guest of honour for Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas in officiating national government co-funded projects in the province.  

He said constant changes of government affects the progress of the country’s development.       

“Stability allows one policy implemented for two or three terms of Parliament will improve the country’s growth.

“This nation has never had a good government to lead the country for two terms of Parliament, like Singapore or Malaysia.  

TFF payments to be paid quarterly

This year, the National Government has appropriated K602 million, with K150.5 million to be paid each quarter and disbursed according to three components.

The components are administration gets 40 percent, infrastructure gets 30 percent and teaching and learning 30 percent as well.

The infrastructure component will be paid into TFF Trust Accounts held at the District Treasury for the schools to access. Arrangements are still being finalised.

Committee to be set up for TFF

Minister responsible Nick Kuman made the announcement today of the new committee that be responsible for reporting to the minister all matters dealing with TFF.

The Inter-Departmental TFF Steering Committee will also provide oversight and advice to the Education Minister and Secretary on the monitoring of the TFF policy and its implementation.

The TFF Steering Committee will comprise of the departments of Education, Finance, National Planning, Treasury, office of the Prime Minister and a Church and woman rep.