VIDEO: PM on medicine supply issue

He said the only problem is the delay is the delivery. 
The Prime Minister says issues affecting the delivery have been identified and dealt with. 

We will take hardline approach to taxes – PM

He attributes the state of PNG’s economy to the drop in revenue for PNG with the decline in prices for oil, gold and copper.

He says although the government was anticipating growth for the economy, the hard times now mean the country will have to live within its means.

PM tells police: One strike you’re out!

In his New Year message O’Neill says the Government will introduce a “one strike and you are out” policy.

“The people of our country have had enough of ill-discipline from police,” he says.

He also assures this policy will come with a new structure which will hit policemen and women hard.

PM welcomes UK big investors



The British trade and investment mission is headed by some of the largest companies in key sectors for Papua New Guinea, and has come about following the PNG Investment Forum that was held in London earlier this year.

“Papua New Guinea welcomes British investment and business engagement in our economy that will create more jobs, while providing sound opportunities for investors. 

“I thank the business leaders who have travelled to Papua New Guinea and hope you will leave with a better understanding of the opportunities we have in our country.

PM addresses critics

This are some of his remarks when officially opening the new City Hall building this evening.
He said his government is trying its best to change the lives of the people and will continue to bring services to the people.
He said too many people are complaining without even having the courage to change the people.
The new city hall cost K52 million.