PM Peter O'Neill

PM O’Neill refutes dual citizenship claims

O’Neill said these are all lies and not true.


“There is yet another fake news story by Kramer claiming that I am an Australian citizen.

Juffa calls for fair treatment

Juffa has accused the government for disrespecting provincial governments and making a deliberate effort to dismantle the provincial government system.

Governor Juffa said the creation of District Development Authorities was a significant step in that direction; to remove the powers of the Provincial Governments.

“Disrespect and circumvention of the Provincial Government systems is at the highest ever since PNG gained independence by any National Government.

PM O’Neill condemns agitators behind UPNG confrontation

The Prime Minister has further announced that an inquiry will be undertaken to determine the underlying reasons for continued student unrest promoted by individuals outside the student body.

The inquiry will also seek to uncover the source of external funding that has underwritten student protest in recent weeks.

“This protest and the factors that led to the incident today have been driven by people who are not students,” the Prime Minister said.

“This is now a law and order issues. We must obtain the facts and ensure this does not happen again in the future.

PM acknowledges Sir Manasupe’s service

Speaking at the recent Leaders Summit in Port Moresby, O’Neill told the leaders that Zurenuoc has guided the delivery of public services for the people, and did so with the greatest diligence and commitment.

“This is an example that many of our public servants should learn from.

“Sir Manasupe took on the management of public policy during tough times, and he did it well.

“For this on behalf of the Government, and all the leaders, I again thank Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc for his service to our people.”

O’Neill calls for support in all sectors

Speaking at the 2016 Leaders Summit recently in Port Moresby, O’Neill said: “The same encouragement we give to our big investors – must be extended to small and medium enterprises in our country.

“We are needing to adjust how Government does business, the world is becoming very competitive. Time and time again, our country has been riding the boom and bust cycle of the resources sector.

“We are not learning the lesson,” he said.

O’Neill told the leaders to expand the sectors of their economy and must do so now so that the foundations of our economy are sound.

PM praises IMF for giving positive feed

A recent IMF report published in the media commended the government for achieving impressive economic growth in recent years.

The IMF projected economic growth for PNG to be robust in 2016, but warns of challenges posed by the sharp drop in commodity prices.

The global financial institution supported the move for PNG to debut the sovereign bond market, urging the government to use the funds raised to improve PNG’s debt profile and fund existing projects and commitments.

PM tells police: One strike you’re out!

In his New Year message O’Neill says the Government will introduce a “one strike and you are out” policy.

“The people of our country have had enough of ill-discipline from police,” he says.

He also assures this policy will come with a new structure which will hit policemen and women hard.

Basil calls for O’Neill’s removal

He says Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has proven he is not a fit and proper person to run the country.

“They owe it to their constituents and the people of Papua New Guinea, time is up for O’Neill,” Basil says.

He says it is better that the change of leadership is done in parliament rather than on the streets as there  would  be more damage.

K120m reworked airport gets PM’s blessing

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill defended the Jacksons Airport expenditure of K120 million, saying he knew there was a minority of critics who claimed too much was being spent on the national capital.

He said there were plans to upgrade airport facilities around the country, to continue the plan to make PNG a modern destination and to create many more jobs for Papua New Guineans.

He highlighted planned improvements for Nadzab Airport, Mt Hagen and Hoskins, among others.

Invited guests were shown through a modern new terminal with up to date facilities.

PM tells ministers to pursue legal scandal with Australians

He  has asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs Rimbink Pato and Attorney General and Minister for Justice Ano Pala to talk with the Australians  about the comments made by two lawyers that were aired on overseas media in the past week.

He is referring to prominent private lawyers Greg Sheppard and Harvey Maladina of Young and Williams law firm.

Mr Sheppard denied claims of impropriety when he spoke with PNG media last Thursday and said he was merely responding to general questions from a visitor about how to handle situations.