PM tells police: One strike you’re out!

Undisciplined police officers have been warned by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill that come 2016 the Government will put in place a new policy to deal with them.

In his New Year message O’Neill says the Government will introduce a “one strike and you are out” policy.

“The people of our country have had enough of ill-discipline from police,” he says.

He also assures this policy will come with a new structure which will hit policemen and women hard.

The new policy he says will be ready by March 2016

“We need to restore honour in our constabulary,” O’Neill says.

He says the Government will continue to work to deliver the services and will continue to make Papua New Guinea a better place.

The eyes of the world will be upon us in the coming year and beyond as we host major events.

Next year PNG will host the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Leaders Meeting, and the FIFA Women’s under 20 World Cup. Then in 2018 Papua New Guinea will host leaders of the Asia-Pacific for the APEC Summit.


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Joy Kisselpar