New Year Message

May 2018 deliver better for PNG

The Shadow Minister for Treasury and Finance, Ian Ling-Stuckey outlined that unfortunately, the reality is that most families are facing major increases in the cost of living in 2018.

The price of essential goods and services will be rising significantly, jobs especially outside the resources sector will continue to fall and service standards will decline.

“The 2018 budget includes major tariff increases for hundreds of every-day products. PNG families and businesses will feel the pain of these price increases in the face of declining incomes,” said the Shadow Treasurer.

PM tells police: One strike you’re out!

In his New Year message O’Neill says the Government will introduce a “one strike and you are out” policy.

“The people of our country have had enough of ill-discipline from police,” he says.

He also assures this policy will come with a new structure which will hit policemen and women hard.